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Authorized User Tradelines

Supplement your Credit Repair and further boost your credit score by signing up for a tradeline with our company. It’ll give your credit the quick fix needed to apply for mortgages, auto loans or anything else that you might need a quick credit score boost for!

Our Tradeline for Sale Services!

After repairing negative disputes, building your credit for the future requires a positive record of accounts with better standings than the credit history you previously had. To help guarantee that you’ll be able to build positive credit, we’re offering a service that lets you become an authorized user on a seasoned tradeline -- set up by our company with the intent of giving your credit a substantial quick boost! By piggybacking onto a positive line of credit that has a high limit and satisfactory payments, you can accrue higher credit scores in a short amount of time and utilize it to open positive lines of credit and continue to boost your credit!

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Credit Repair, Los Angeles, CA 91607

What’s Piggybacking?

Piggybacking is when a person becomes an authorized user on an already established, long-running tradeline with a perfectly paid account. That person then gains the benefits of having that line of credit on their account. This kind of quick fix can be especially beneficial to you if you’re applying for a mortgage or auto lease where higher scores are vital for a successful loan as well as better rates. It’s a perfectly legal and transparent service that is utilized in credit services all over the world.

What are so great about your Tradelines?

Seasoned tradelines are specifically engineered by our company to have a positive impact on your credit history. While they do not operate as a new line of credit for you to use, they will allow you to apply for personal loans and credit cards with all the benefits that would come from having that line of credit on your record! This is especially helpful if you’re just beginning to have credit or are applying for a larger loan without established prior credit.

Are Tradlines Legal?

Sharing credit cards or accounts, especially mortgages, leases and large loans, with another trusted partner is common practice, but it's understandable why you might be hesitant over paying to sign onto account purely to improve your credit. In fact, this topic has sparked debate in the courts between FICO, credit companies, and lobbyists for the Credit Repair Organization act. While the topic can be confusing, those cases have confirmed that they ultimately can't take legal action on authorized users benefiting from the work of the original tradelines. So rest assured that this service isn't in violation of the way the government or creditors measure credit. Below we’ve linked a document that further explains the legality of tradelines.